My mods are moving…

I created this site several years ago in order to conveniently destribute my mods. However, I now feel that it is mostly admin work. Therefore I am instead moving my mod updates to my Patreon. They will still be free.

I have uploaded a new version of Gender Less, and will try to get Unlocked CAS Parts updated as soon as possible.

Cheers, Fogity!

Gender Less updated for Tiny Living

A tiny patch and a tiny stuff pack, with it comes a small mod update. For this patch and pack I didn’t need to update Unlocked CAS Parts, but I have made sure to update Gender Less.

I have not updated the version information on any of the mods, but they are all up to date, so do not worry.

Unlocked CAS Parts updated for Discover University

Hi again! I have now updated Unlocked CAS Parts for the new expansion, which features a surprisingly large selection of hidden parts. In total there are 8 new packages for DU. The items from the new careers are in the “Career” package and the football uniforms are in the “Career_Soccer” package. The university merch is in the “Purchase_University” package, with a missing set of female pants in the “Lost_University_Sweatpants” package. Likewise the organization clothes are in the “Organizations” package, with missing secret society masks in “Lost_Masks”. Finally, the cybernetics craftable using robotics are found in “Gameplay_Cybernetics” and the servo in “NPC_Servo”.

Please enjoy!

Updated mods for Realm of Magic

Hi, I have finally found some time to update my mods after moving to my new apartment. Gender Less has been updated with the strings from the new game pack, and there are two new packages for Unlocked CAS Parts with unlocks some makeup for Aliens and a costume that originally came with the deluxe edition.

Hope you are enjoying the new pack,

Updated mods for Island Living

The summer is here (if you live on my side of the globe) and so is the new expansion Island Living. And I have finally finished updating my mods, so you can get some fresh copies in preparation for visiting Sulani.

Gender Less has been updated for the new expansion. I also took the liberty of improving the process I use to fix grammar errors, so now the mod is even better than before!

Unlocked CAS Parts required almost an all-round update, which means that you should re-download all of the packages you use. It now also includes stuff from Island Living, specifically: new full- and part-time career outfits, snorkels, mermaid eyes, and mermaid tops. I will be updating the parts lists when I am back from midsummer holidays.

As usual Hidden Highlight works fine and doesn’t need to be updated.

Now I am off to celebrate midsummer,

Gender Less updated

This one comes a fair bit later than usual, but I have been busy with finishing up my studies. Anyway, the freelancer update did not come with any new CAS parts, so that mod did not need any updates. However, there where some new gendered text for the careers which I have added in an update to Gender Less.

I still have some more work before my studies are over, so you can only expect patch updates, but you should not have to wait so long for those.

That was all from me right now,

Updates for Get Famous

With a patch comes an expansion, or is it the other way around? Well, an expansion has come either way, and that means mod updates. However, as I mentioned with the patch update, Gender Less has already been updated for Get Famous.

Anyway, I have now unlocked the hidden CAS items for Get Famous and added them to Unlocked CAS Parts. As usual, I have added all the new items to the Unlocked CAS Parts List (look at the Careers, Lost and Misc. lists).

There isn’t much more to say really. Have fun and enjoy all the new content.


Mods updated before Get Famous

What a patch, so many new features, so many worried people.

First things first, I have now updated all of my mods for the new patch (2018-11-13) and I suggest you go and download them right away. Although I did not update Hidden Highlight, which has survived, and continue too, through both big and small patches. Only some Unlocked CAS Part files needed to be updated, so you can just pick the ones mentioned in the change log. And as always you can look at the new parts in theĀ Unlocked CAS Part List.

As the title suggest, Get Famous will soon be upon us, which means I will be updating mods again in just a few days. However if you are usingĀ Gender Less, I have very good news for you. I have been able to update the mod for Get Famous already, so if you can just add the mod and enjoy Get Famous without gendered terms as soon as it’s released.

And finally, most of you are probably aware that this patch have broken a lot of script mods. What you might not be aware is that I have been working hard this last month making a new tool for modders that help them update old and make new script mods. This was the main reason I launched my patreon page, but the idea is for it to serve as a way to support all of my sims modding efforts.

Enjoy the new patch,